2 ene. 2013

New Spanish Word Searches app for iPad

Start the New Year by reinforcing your Spanish vocab with this new iPad app! Spanish Word Searches for iPad was released to the App Store today!

As with its sister app, French Word Searches (also for iPad), the app allows you to take advantage of the full iPad screen size to play Spanish Word Searches according to your chosen topics and difficulty level.

The 1,400 items of basic Spanish vocabulary included in the app are divided into 20 topics and you can play word searches with any combination of topics. As with its French counterpart, the app allows you to choose whether you play with "simple" word searches (in which words run only across or down, and only forwards) or whether words are also allowed to run backwards and/or diagonally.

Whilst much of this core vocabulary is similar across Spanish-speaking countries, there are of course a few differences, just as there are between (say) UK and US English. For this reason, the app allows you to switch between Peninsular (Spain) Spanish and Mexican Spanish. Whether you are currently playing a Peninsular or Mexican Spanish word search is clearly indicated by the flag in the background. (Toggle between Peninsular/Mexican Spanish from the main menu before starting play.)

A new feature added to this Spanish version of the word searches app is that vocabulary is automatically updated over the network when new versions are released. (New words will be added over time, and users' feedback and suggestions are always welcome!)

To celebrate the launch, Spanish Word Searches is currently available half price. Take advantage and grab your copy by clicking the link above or directly from your iPad by searching for "Spanish Word Searches" in the App Store.