30 mar. 2009

Vocabulary podcast creation tool

The first version of this new tool allows you to create Spanish vocabulary podcasts from your computer. The podcasts are designed to help you to learn and reinforce your Spanish vocab on a variety of topics. The software has been tested under Windows XP, Windows Vista and Linux. Support will shortly be added to Mac OS.

The tool itself is currently available for download free of charge. It requires English and Spanish voices to be installed on your machine, and the link above gives more information on where to get these.

The vocabulary is taken from the Spanish phrases section of the web site, although it has been modified slightly for the podcast software.

3 mar. 2009


En la página principal del diccionario inglés-español, hacemos una encuesta en que le preguntamos a cada usuario de habla español cual es su nivel de inglés. Para responder a la pregunta, haz clic en el campo que dice "Selecciona un nivel" para escoger una de las cinco opciones.

En una próxima versión del diccionario, usaremos los resultados de esta encuesta anónima para mejorar la presentación del diccionario y para proporcionarle a cada usuario información que corresponda mejor a su nivel de aprendizaje.

Por tu participación en esta encuesta, muchísimas gracias. NC

1 mar. 2009

New vocabulary and games

A new vocabulary section on the human body in Spanish gives the Spanish words for various parts of the body, organised by area of the body (face and neck, upper body and hands, lower body, internal organs).

Also available in the Spanish crosswords section of the site are a couple of new games based on the following themes:
  • Spanish animals crossword, available in basic and advanced variants (the basic version has vocabulary typically required for GCSE/SAT level Spanish; the advanced version will be of interest to learners going beyond that level)
  • Spanish food crossword, which includes various Spanish names of meat, seafood and other types of food (taken from the food section of the Spanish vocabulary section).