29 abr. 2009

Coming soon: UK-specific site

A UK-specific version of this site, at http://www.spanish-dictionary.co.uk/, will offer an interface to the Spanish dictionary and certain other UK-targeted versions of the Spanish resources available on the Español-Inglés site. UK-based users may therefore wish to bookmark the UK version of the site.

27 abr. 2009

Spanish dictionary update

Today's update to the Spanish dictionary adds various new words and example translations. And yes, I've you been wondering what is the Spanish for swine flu, now's your chance to find out...

12 abr. 2009

Update to Vocabularium

Version 0.03 of the Vocabularium podcast software now adds MP3 encoding support for Linux and Mac OS. It also adds a new vocabulary topic on The Human Body.

You can download the latest version of the software via the abovementioned link (entry on Freshmeat for this software), or directly via the Vocabularium home page.

9 abr. 2009

Vocab podcast tool: minor bugfix and MacOS support

A bugfix is included in the latest version of the free vocabulary podcast software available from the Español-Inglés site. The software now supports MacOS, although (as with Linux), only WAV format is supported at present on non-Windows platforms. Podcasts can of course be converted to other formats such as MP3 or Ogg Vorbis using a separate tool.