23 feb. 2009

New vocabulary topic: animals

Some new pages of vocabulary have been added to the Spanish words and phrases section of the web site. The pages deal with the topic of Spanish words for animals, and for convenience are split into:
As ever, the sections attempt to include common geographical variations that occur in the use of words for animals among Spanish speakers. However, if you come from a Spanish-speaking country where a different word is used for one of the animals listed (or indeed, if you want to suggest that another animal be added to the list), please leave an appropriate comment on this blog entry.

If you're learning the Spanish words for animals, you may also be interested in the vocabulary section on Spanish words for pets, which also includes a few useful phrases for describing your pet.

14 feb. 2009


A few updates to the site:
  • Improvements to the Spanish dictionary entries for several common verb forms such as tengo. (Unlike many dictionaries, the Español-Inglés site's dictionary actually treats some of these forms specially, and includes some common phrases with those declined forms as well as a redirection to the base form such as the infinitive.)
  • Various other new words and phrases have also been added to the dictionary.
  • A few additional entries in the list of Mexican Spanish words.
  • Some additions to the page on Spanish pronunciation, in particular the description of the Spanish ñ sound.

7 feb. 2009

More dictionary updates!

The latest updates to the Spanish dictionary add various new words and expand on the entries for various commonly referenced Spanish words.

2 feb. 2009

Spanish dictionary: update

The site's Spanish dictinary has been updated with various corrections and new entries. Various of the new words added are from the fields of science and technology.