25 may. 2008

New vocabulary topic: daily routine

The following page gives words and expressions related to daily routine and household chores:

23 may. 2008

New grammar tutorials

You may be interested in the following Spanish grammar tutorials added this week:
The interactive parts of these tutorials require a recent version of Java to be installed.

2 may. 2008

Spanish flash card printing tool

If you haven't already tried it, the Spanish flash card tool allows you to print your own vocab flash cards for free from this site.

Spanish word frequencies

Look out for the new "word profile" feature in the Spanish-English section of the dictionary. Click on the view word profile link of a Spanish entry allows you to see statistical information about that word. For verbs, a breakdown of frequency of each tense usage is provided.

You may also be interested in the following (calculated from a sample of newspaper and magazine articles):