25 nov. 2009

Spanish dictionary update

Today's update to the Spanish dictionary brings additions and improvements to just over 1,100 entries in the dictionary.

3 nov. 2009

Update to the "Vocabularium" software

A small update to the Vocabularium Spanish vocabulary podcast software is now available for free download. For those not familiar with the software, it allows you to create vocabulary learning podcasts, relying on English and Spanish voices being installed on your computer (some free and good quality low-cost options are suggested: see the section on Spanish voice options for more details).

The software runs on Windows, Linux, Solaris and Mac OS. This update adds a new vocabulary topic (on school subjects). A few minor bugs have also been fixed.

Note that to save podcasts in MP3 format, you'll also require a plugin called LAME. See the aforementioned page for details of how to obtain LAME free of charge for your system. On Windows, the Vocabularium software can actually install LAME for you: follow the instructions that appear when you first run the program.

2 nov. 2009

Spanish dictionary update

Today's update adds various new entries to both the Spanish-English and English-Spanish sides of the dictionary. As with many updates, the new entries include both commonly-consulted everyday words, plus a number of technical terms.