31 dic. 2010

Español-Inglés moving to a new server

The Español-Inglés site today moves to a new upgraded server. As the move is finalised, there will surely be some gremlins which will be ironed out over the next few days.

The move has been deliberately timed to conincide with when most people should be sipping cava rather than doing Spanish translation and homework, but for those who are accessing the site over these next few days, thank you for your patience!

26 ago. 2010

Further updates to the Spanish dictionary

Today's update to the Spanish dictionary, as well as adding various new entries to the dictionary, improves on various entries for commonly looked up words. Further improvements are planned over the coming weeks -- watch this space!

16 ago. 2010

Update to the Spanish dictionary

Well, it's been a while, but the site's Spanish dictionary was updated today to include various new words and to expand a number of existing entries.